With Great success, the Federation of Associated Laconian Societies completed the celebration of the Hellenic Heroic Struggle of WWII and the betrayal of the Allies. The Struggle continues: The Hero Konstantinos Katsifas.

Two wreaths were placed in front of an image of Hellene Heroes from the 1940s and the Hero Konstantinos Katsifas. One wreath was placed by the president of the Laconian Federation, Mr. Timoleon Kakouros, and another by the Northern Epirotan activist and president Mr. Konstantinos Tsiouris.

Participants followed and placed  red carnations at the wreaths as an act of honoring the Heroes. 

The master of ceremony and Vice President, Mr. Ilias Panagiotakakos allowed special guests to the stage, so as to greet the rest of the guests. Among the special guests were the former presidents of the Hellenic Societies Mr. Petros Galatoulas, Mr. George Georgopoulos, Mr. Dimitrios Kalamaras, president of NEFA Mrs. Katerina Pesa Tsiouri, the president of Himara Society Mrs Anna Noti, Mr. Konstantinos Tsiouris, President of Gethio Society Mr. Dimitroulakos.

Mr. Grammaticus Macedon played some songs related to the betrayal of the allies and the loss of Cyprus, as well as of the occupied Northern Epiros which our allies gave to the Albanian fascist and Nazi collaborators. 

Mr. Timoleon Kakouros gave a speech on the matter of the subject, he mentioned the Heroic Hellenic struggle in the alliance, and the betrayal of the allies, who deprived Greeks from Cyprus, Northern Epiros and other important historic Hellenic areas with Hellenic populations. 

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