The multi talented musician Nana Simopoulos, gave us a particular taste of jazz music through her feelings. Nana is a dynamic personality, who sang and played guitar, bouzouki and sitar. Next to Nana, the well known saxophone player Dave Liebman.

Nana Simopoulos World Jazz Group
Featuring Dave Liebman

All music composed and arranged by Nana Simopoulos

Nana Simopoulos: Vocals, guitar, bouzouki and sitar
Dave Liebman: Soprano, Tenor saxophones and wood flute
Caryn Heilman: vocals, keyboard, frame drums
Mary Ann McSweeney: bass
Todd Isler: drums and percussion

First Set:

New Moon
After Dark
Let Fire Burn Me
Owl Woman
For No Reason

Second Set:

Merely To Know
Siva’s Moon Dance
Sing along: (Foz Moo Na Thoh eelieh Moo)
Wings and Air
The Pathway
(On this path I was to blame
found the problem to be me
when I went beyond myself
the road I finally could see)

Vocal Circle with the Audience