With great success, the Federation of Associated Laconian Societies commemorated the sacrifice of King Leonidas, the 300 Spartan elite warriors, and the rest of the Hellenes, in the battle of Thermopyle. One of the most famous battles in world history, that saved Hellenism and the Western world from the Persians. As ancient Greeks used to do, wreaths were placed to the hero, and songs were sang, and food was served.

Some of the key features:

The master of Ceremony, Mr. Louis Panagiotakakos welcomed guests with his unique friendliness and smile, while he mentioned some of the guests.

Young Niki Maria Pallis sang the American National Anthem.

Everybody sang the Greek National Anthem.

A video made by Grammatikos about the 300 Spartans was projected on the big screen. In the video, besides showing the 300 warriors fighting, the deceased Laconian (Spartan) professors Dimitris Liantinis and Sarantos Kargakos were also projected speaking about King Leonidas and the 300.

The president of the Laconian Federation Timoleon Kakouros, the president of the Laconian Association Mr. Vougiouklis, and the Kalash activist Lakshan Bibi placed honorary wreaths next to the image of King Leonidas.

Grammatikos Makedon sang a part of the Greek National Anthem that talks about the 300 Spartans as an answer of Dionysios Solomos to Lord Byron’s poem. Also a song asking the Greeks to fight united.

The president of the Laconian Federation Timoleon Kakouros gave a speech about the 300 Spartans and connected it all to the present.

The Kalasha Activist Lakshan Bibi spoke about her deep connection to the Spartan Spirit, King Leonidas, the Laconian Federation and the members.

The president of the Gilgit Baltistan community, Mr. Nasim Gilgiti did mention the 300 and their spirit.

Dr Matnia expressed her sympathy and admiration to the 300.

Food arrived and people enjoyed.

Lastly, the president spoke about the Olympic Spirit and the Olympic dream for the future.

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