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Greeks counter demonstrate anti-Greek Albanians at Greek Consulate in New York

With great success, and extremely fast, the Hellenes set up a counter demonstration, against the anti-Greek demonstration of Albanians at the Greek Consulate of New York. The counter demonstration was organized by the Federation of Laconian Societies. The Albanians presented themselves with flags of the “Great” Albania, where they depicted areas of Epiros and West Macedonia, “FYROM”, Montenegro, and Serbia (Kosovo and mainland) as being Albanian territories. Albanians accused the Greeks of a genocide against them in the area of Epiros by general Napoleon Zervas in WWII. The president of the Laconian Federation Timoleon Kakouros, and the communications director Ioannis Koutalis (Grammatikos), got informed of the incoming Albanian demonstration and responded immediately. The president of the Federation of Hellenic Societies Mr. Kleanthis Meimaroglou, and the honorary president Mr. Bill Stathakos came to the counter demonstration as well. Nasim Gilgiti, the president of the Bactians (Gilgit Baltistan) was also present. With Greek patriotic songs like Up at the front and Famous Macedonia, these Albanians received the message, that no matter where they go and what they do, there will always be some Hellenes that will expose their dishonest propagandas and their fraudulent intentions. The big Greek banner depicted the Albanian Nazis of WWII, the recently destroyed houses and business of Greeks at the city of Himara, as well as the photo of the murdered Hero Konstantinos Katsifas.

Grammaticus is the creative director of Hellenism.

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