The Laconian Federation Enlightening Series were initiated with a lecture made by scientist Grammaticus Macedon. The lecture tried to familiarize the audience with the very wide spectrum of Greek Human Genetic Heritage. Some of the topics Grammaticus tried to answer were:

Human Evolution in Greece

Discussing the Great Laconian-Spartan discovery!

210,000 year old modern skull together with 170,000 year old

Neanderthal skull uncovered in Apidima Cave in Mani, Laconia,

and its relation the Petralona Skull Mystery !

Are Greeks products of nature or nurture?

Genetics or Epigenetics?

Are Greeks indigenous?

How much are the Greeks genetically related to their ancient ancestors?

How much are Greek neighbors genetically influenced by the Greeks?

(Albanians, Bulgarians, Italians, Skopians, Tuks)?

Are the Skopians Slavicized Macedonians?

How far did prehistoric and historic Greeks travel?

What did they leave behind?

How much are the Kalasha from the Hindu Kush related to the Greeks?

Are the Greeks who are born outside of Greece Greeks or non-Greeks?