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    Hellenism is a multirole website, with the dream of promoting Hellenism in a deep and an existential way, rather than simple superficial pretenses.
    What makes Hellenism different from other Hellenic websites.
    1) Hellenism is a global Hellenic platform, with sophisticated localization, in which Hellenic communities around the globe are being addressed locally, while our unity and calls to action maintain globally.
    2) Hellenism is a platform in which Hellenism related organizations are able to post their announcements and events by themselves.
    3) Hellenism believes in patriotism and the authors are being checked to comply with patriotic standards.
    4) Hellenism is extensively bilingual, and enables Hellenes who don’t speak the Hellenic language or philhellenes to connect with the greater Hellenic Community.
    5) Hellenism has a social media aspect, which can help the Hellenic communities worldwide to do the basic demographics of Hellenes worldwide, which we lack. There we can also do surveys and other activities, without reliance on social media controlled by globalist agendas, and globalist censorship.
    6) Hellenism has a forum where Hellenes can collectively resolve matters, and collect data on important matters and issues.
    We dream of the greatness of Hellenism and of reHellenization of Hellenes and Hellenic lands.

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